Judge ups grandmother's charges in shooting death of 3-year-old


Judge ups grandmother's charges in shooting death of 3-year-old


YUMA, AZ - Monday a Yuma judge has upped the charges against the grandmother - first charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of her 3-year-old grandson Darien Nez.

35-year old Rachel Spry now faces second degree murder charges which also prompted the judge to deny her request to attend her grandson's funeral. 

During Monday's arraignment a tired looking Rachel Spry stared straight ahead and told the judge "I didn't do it." She then pleaded with the judge to place her under house arrest so she could care for her kids. The judge also denied that request.

Yuma Judge Gregory Stewart read Spry five charges filed against her including second degree murder, misconduct involving weapons, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia involving methamphetamine and endangerment per domestic violence endangering a child.

According to police records, spry admitted she used meth the night before her 3-year-old grandson Darien Nez died of a gunshot wound. Spry told officers she knew her grandson was in the bathroom where she left her backpack with her gun inside. A few minutes later she says she heard a gun shot fire. Spry then told police when she looked over - she saw her grandson on the floor bleeding from his nose. She admitted - no one else was inside of the bathroom.

In court Spry said to Judge Stewart "How do I get help with my kids in CPS I want to try and be with them and try to keep them together your honor. Their father is in jail and my other my other one is slow he has a learning problem. I just I need help to be with them and keep them together. I didn't do this, I didn't do this at all, I just need my kids to be together."

Despite upping Spry's charges from manslaughter to second degree murder the judge kept her bond at half a million dollars. Her next court appearance is next week.


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