Brawley ranks high in pollution, high risk for asthma patients

Brawley ranks high in pollution, high risk for asthma patients

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BRAWLEY, CA (13 On Your Side) – According to an environmental report – Brawley ranks as one of the top ten most polluted cities in California.

The state says health hazards – including high pesticide usage by farmers – were factors in Brawley's ranking.

Pediatric nurse Georgina McAuly at Pioneers Memorial Hospital tells 13 On Your Side – asthma is a big problem in this area – and the majority of children admitted in the pediatrics unit have asthma.

One reason more kids suffer from asthma is because kids tend to run and play outside – breathing in more allergens floating around in the air.

That's why McAuly warns – while there is no way to prevent asthma – the best precaution to keep it from flaring up is to keep your kids indoors – especially when it's windy outside.

"When they're doing more of the burning of the fields it would be a good idea for children that have a history of asthma - or currently have asthma – to stay inside if there are any winds – and also from the farming."

It's not just kids who suffer from asthma. Adults do too. And medical experts at Pioneers Medical Hospital tell 13 On Your Side - if you're one of the adults who suffers from breathing problems - you too - are advised to stay inside when its windy outside.

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