Curbside recycling kicks off in Yuma


Curbside recycling kicks off in Yuma


YUMA – Monday marked the start of curbside recycling in Yuma. City workers started delivering the big blue recycling bins to hundreds of residents bright and early.    

Rosie Herrera who just received her recycling bin says "We already started. We started separating our trash. We've got a separate trash bin where we were putting all the recycled stuff and then we've got the other brash bins for the regular garbage."

Herrera did not waste any time filling it up with aluminum cans and cardboard. She says "It will be much easier I think. The bottom line is it saves the environment the landfills keep getting filled with waste and shouldn't be and should be recycled a lot better."

Implementing curb side recycling will also save taxpayers about one million dollars right off the bat.  That's because Allied Waste the private company that is contracting with the city purchased all 21,000 bins that'll be delivered to each household. Plus Allied Waste will sort all of the recyclable materials at its own processing facility.

In fact, the city says the more residents like Herrera place in the big blue bins the more the city saves because less garbage will be taken to the landfill.

As for Herrera she says no longer having to drive her recyclable materials to a site bin will save her gas money and time.

The city plans to deliver all 21,000 recycling bins to 21, 000 by mid August.

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