Truck driver charged with second degree murder in death of DPS o


Truck driver charged with second degree murder in death of DPS officer


WELLTON, AZ - The truck driver arrested in the death of the DPS Officer Tim Huffman now faces second degree murder charges.

A Yuma County judge also ordered 33-year old Jorge Espinoza to turn in his passport.

Espinoza remains a free man after posting a $200,000 bail on Saturday. The judge does not consider him a flight risk.

During his court appearance Espinoza wore interpreting headphones because he does not speak much English.

The 33-year old has been charged with 19 felony counts including second degree murder in the death of DPS officer Tim Huffman.

Police say Espinoza ignored flashing lights and crashed into Huffman's parked patrol car while he was investigating a collision on Interstate-8 last week.

Huffman, a 14-year veteran, died at the scene.

Today in court, prosecutor Roger Nelson spoke on behalf of the state of Arizona.

He said, "When he was originally arrested he was arrested on manslaughter charges. Now the charges are second degree murder. The state is not seeking to increase the bond, but the state would like him to be ordered not to leave the country and to surrender his passport if he has one. I think that would be reasonable restrictions."

Judge Russ Jones ordered Espinoza to turn in his passport.

He is not allowed to leave the country.