Tea party group protests outside IRS office in Yuma

Tea party group protests outside IRS office in Yuma


YUMA, AZ - Wearing their tea party shirts and waiving signs that read "Shut down the IRS now" local Colorado River Tea Party activists rallied outside the IRS office on Tuesday.

The protesters are taking part in a nationwide call to action to press the Obama administration. The political group want to find out who ordered extra scrutiny on tea party applications for tax-exempt status and when President Obama found out about it.

Sally Kizer tells me the tea party will not back down until it gets answers. Kizer says, "I believe, in my opinion, that the Obama administration is targeting us and it all started before last years election and we feel that was a part of what is happening and they just want to intimidate us and we are not going to take it. We don't want to be intimidated we'll pay our fair share. We want the government to just stay out of the business of targeting the conservatives."

The tea party is one of many conservative groups said to have faced extra scrutiny by the IRS after seeking tax exempt status over the past three years.