Sunny Lasagna Recipe

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Sunny Lasagna Recipe

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Recipe is one serving

-SAUCE- 1 garlic smoked olive minced, 1/2 small cubed tomato (from vine), 3 finely chopped fresh basil leaves, 5 finely chopped fresh tarragon leaves, tsp oregano (dry) 1 tsp minced garlic (fresh or from jar), 2 tbsp tomato paste, 1/2 jar julienne sun dried tomatoes(puree optional), 1/2 a 6oz jar of artichoke hearts (puree optional), salt and pepper to taste. (note: use some of the juice from the jars of sun dried tomato and artichoke to flavor the sauce), 1oz balsamic vinegar, add water to your desired consistency. 1) Add ingredients in a sauce pan and heat up until hot and you can see steam come from the pan, turn off and set aside until needed.

-RICE PAPER- 1 sheet rice paper, 1 baby eggplant sliced into rounds, sliced cremini mushrooms, 1/2 red onion chopped into small pieces, 1/2 grn bell pepper chopped into small pieces, 1 cup baby spinach 1) in a pan with water and balsamic vinegar heat up on low for 8-10 min. 2) With a paper towel, dab it into the water mixture and brush over the rice paper that is on a flat surface until slightly moistened. 3) With kitchen shears or scissors cut the rice paper in half vertically. 4) Grease a pan that is suitable, place 2 slices of eggplant down first, then  3-4 slices of mushrooms, then 1/2 the amount red onion, then 1/2 the amount grn bell pepper, then 1/2 the amount spinach. Fold over top half and seal then place in the greased pan, put enough sauce on to coat entire portion and top with cheese, repeat steps with other half of the rice paper and do another layer of veggies with the sauce and cheese.

Bake 10 -12 mins and top with some diced tomato and chives and diced yellow sweet peppers, can be served with some garlic bread or a salad or both. See a demo of the dish on

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