Ready lane users report shorter wait times


Ready lane users report shorter wait times

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Calexico, CA (13 On Your Side) - It's been a week since the Calexico Port of Entry opened the Ready Lane for Mexicali residents to cross into Calexico.

Thousands of people from Mexico cross into Calexico every single day. Some come across to shop; others to work.

But for years crossers have complained of long wait times. Business owners say it hurts the local economy.

One resident 13 On Your Side spoke to, Frank Santana, tells us: it used to take him about two hours to cross. Today, he claims, he got across in just minutes.

The Calexico pedestrian Ready Lane opened last week and, according to Border Customs officials, it's been a success. Wait times have dropped by at least 30 minutes.

Officials also say they Ready Lane is especially beneficial during morning rush hour - when field workers and students need to get across to make it to work or school on time.

Santana says the faster Ready Lane will encourage others, like his mom, to start coming across again - to shop.

"Actually my mom, when I told her she get very excited," says Santana, "since then the first time I came, she's come here like three or four times using the ready lane."

Anyone with a U.S. Passport, SENTRI, permanent resident card or green card, can cross using the ready lane.