Police aim to reduce number of pedestrians and bicyclists hit by


Police aim to reduce number of pedestrians and bicyclists hit by cars


YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) - Pedestrians and bicyclists are hit by cars all too often in Yuma and now police are trying to prevent it from happening by informing the community of ways to avoid those accidents.

Yuma police say many drivers simply don't look both ways before making a turn at a stop or crosswalk, which can lead to a collision.

When making a right hand turn at a stop, most people simply look left to see when they have an opening in traffic to make the turn, then hit the gas and go.

But Sgt. Leanne Worthen and Officer Joe Franklin of the Yuma Police Department say this is the easiest way to not see a pedestrian at your right.

Officer Franklin says many modern technologies, like cell phones, also increase your chances of hitting someone or getting in an accident.

"Twenty years ago there was half the distractions that we have now," he says. "I mean half the car's talking to you. Anything is a distraction. If you can keep from doing that, hopefully you'll be more aware of your surroundings around you."

Police tell 13 On Your Side they respond to an average of 40 people hit by cars each year in Yuma and will continue to work to bring that number down.


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