Senator Don Shooter votes 'no' on Brewer's Medicaid bill


Senator Don Shooter votes 'no' on Brewer's Medicaid bill


YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) - Governor Jan Brewer claims expanding Medicaid would pour $2,000,000 into the state's economy and provide much needed jobs.

Yuma State Senator Don Shooter tells 13 On Your Side he voted against expanding Medicaid.

Shooter says to give 300,000 people medical insurance at this point will not bring the long term jobs that the governor has promised, nor is it a long term solution to providing health care to low income families in Arizona.

"This is the biggest social program plum they have gotten in decades," he said.

Shooter is just one of many conservative Republicans who voted against Governor Brewer's proposed bill to authorize the expansion of Arizona's Medicaid program.

Brewer had been one of the most hard-lined opponents of "Obama Care" just two years ago.

"To me this is a wealth transfer program which will result in fiscal problems for the country, our state and everything else," Shooter tells 13 On Your Side.

The Governor claims her plan would provide health care insurance to as many as 300,000 low income residents and pump nearly $2,000,000 of federal money into Arizona's economy—including jobs for Yuma County.

Shooter, who is from Yuma, says, "Regardless of what we do today there are fundamental issues with the way we deliver health care. This may work for a few months but it won't solve all the underlying problems."

Despite Republican opposition, Brewer's Medicaid bill made it through the Senate in May.

Yet it hit a road black on Monday when Arizona's House panel—which is made up mostly of Republicans—rejected the bill.

Shooter feels the governor will not throw in the towel just yet.

He says her bill will get passed one way or another.

"Oh yeah, it's going to pass. There's no question," he said. "The only question is how."

13 On Your Side will continue to follow the story for you and provide you with the latest on our state's rulings regarding Medicaid. 

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