Mother of missing Yuma teen speaks out


Mother of missing Yuma teen speaks out


YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) – The mother of the teen who has not been heard from in four months is speaking out.

Jenny Jimenez does not believe her 19-year-old daughter Emily Hieber ran away and is worried something is terribly wrong—but Jenny admits she is hoping for the best.

Yuma police are now searching for Emily and have identified a person they want to talk to.

Jimenez admits her daughter is a rebellious teen, she tells me Emily was on a mission to be independent and moved out when she was 18.

Emily lived off very little money and would crash at different friends' houses.

While her mother does not approve of her lifestyle, she tells me they kept in contact almost daily by text message.

Jimenez became concerned when her daughter stopped responding to her and stopped updating her Facebook page.

"If someone could tell me she's okay, or if she could tell me she's okay…" Jimenez begins, expressing her concern for her daughter's disappearance. "Even at her lowest, she would call. Whether she was crying or angry she would still call."

Jimenez says Emily didn't have her own place or a lot of money.

But she would often come home to eat.

Jenny says after a couple weeks of not hearing from her daughter, she became very concerned and even more when she realized Emily wasn't posting on her Facebook anymore

"If you get on her Facebook you can see she posted all the time. Every minute, every hour," Jimenez said. "Her phone she had with her at all times, that stopped. Then she stopped contacting her family too. It's just too strange."

Emily's last Facebook post was on February 3, just a few days before her phone was shut off. To this day, her family has not heard from her.

The Yuma Police Department has stepped in and are looking for her. They have questioned many of those who knew her.

And now they are looking to speak to 34-year-old Anita Smith.

Jimenez worries something is wrong, but everyday, she is praying for the best. She hopes someone in the community will come forward with information.

She wants Emily to know she is loved and her family wants her to come home.

"To think that my daughter is out there and not okay is killing me, it's the not knowing that's the hardest part."

The Yuma Police Department is asking for anyone with information to please contact them or call 78-CRIME to remain anonymous.


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