El Centro to host online trivia show

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El Centro to host online trivia show

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EL CENTRO, CA (13 On Your Side) - El Centro has been selected as a location for the 2013 Fireball Run.

The Fireball Run is an online show designed to help find missing children, while at the same time, promoting a city to help spread a positive light that promises to bring new economic development to the area.

The El Centro Chamber of Commerce tells 13 On Your Side - this show has already provided them with networking opportunities. They have come in contact with several outside cities, Chambers and industry leaders who could potentially invest their business within the Imperial County.

Fireball Run directors say they will designate a missing child to each team.

The team representing El Centro, Barbara Worth Resort, will receive information on a local missing child within the next month.

Teams will then spread the word on the child by distributing posters in each city they visit.

While making an effort to find missing children, Fireball Run also shed light onto cities that have potential for economic development.

The Imperial Valley has a 24% unemployment rate. City officials believe the show will give the Valley the exposure it needs to showcase its potential for economic growth.

Teams are made up of notable business owners from across the country including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame president and Pro-Rodeo champions.

City Mayor, Ben Solomon, says outside businesses will get a chance to take a look at the community to see the energy the Valley has to offer.  

"We are constantly doing things for ourselves. We have a sports complex we are putting in. When people come into your area they want to see if you have shopping, schools, and a things for kids to do. And we meet all three."

El Centro Chamber of Commerce CEO, Darletta Willis, says teams are also encouraged to join local Chambers of Commerce, which in turn provides valuable contact information for the city.

"It's just a win-win for everybody. Those from the outside coming in will get to see this great diamond in the rough that we have here. It'll give all our people here..our residents tons of opportunity to improve the quality of life, to improve all of our economic conditions which is what the chamber is here for."

According to the Fireball Run directors, the show has helped bring awareness to 38 missing children since 2007 - two of which were directly found in 2011 through the show's recovery efforts.

The show starts on September 20th and will be in El Centro on September 27th.