Mayor files sexual discrimination complaint


Mayor files sexual discrimination complaint

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CALEXICO, CA (13 On Your Side) - The mayor of Calexico has filed a sexual discrimination complaint against three male council members. 

Mayor Maritza Hurtado filed the discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on May 29th. 

She claims she is the victim of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Mayor Hurtado accuses three council members of unsolicited touching, making sexual remarks against her, calling her names and conspiring to go against her. 

Mayor Hurtado filed the sexual discrimination complaint against council members Joong Kim, Luis Castro and mayor pro-tem Bill Hodge. 

She claims that during an open session meeting last month, the council members became physically and verbally aggressive towards her in an attempt to intimidate her. 

Hurtado tells 13 On Your Side this same behavior has been going on for six months now and that's why she finally decided to file a complaint: to stand up for herself and to take a stand for all women in government.

"I'm a new type of woman because I do like to progress in my personal life, in my business life and in my professional life . I do. However, I need the appropriate circumstances to allow me to progress. And if I can progress as a human being, then my citizens and the people who elected me will benefit from that because I'm going to come and be 100 percent of what they are expecting of me. "

Hurtado says, despite claims of discrimination she will not step down as mayor. 

"This is not about giving up my position that I was rightfully elected to do. The citizens support me in the city of Calexico fiercely because I've worked with all my heart and the citizens, they know that."

According to the complaint, Mayor Hurtado points most of the blame at council member Joong Kim. 13 On Your Side spoke to Kim. 

He tells us he cannot go into details about the complaint but says he believes he's the victim of abuse. 

"Ganged up on? I'm the one being ganged up on. You should see the video. That's all I can say. Nothings going to happen. I do my duties as I used to but sometimes people criticize me, but I'm defending my right. I've been abused by them continuously. If we can't talk in the meeting, who's going to represent the community?" 

13 On Your Side also contacted council members Castro and Hodge, but both of them declined on camera interviews. 

They say they will not talk about the complaint until they are advised by an attorney. 

Mayor Hurtado recognizes the merits of her complaint has yet to be determined.

Hurtado is the second female to be elected mayor.