Veteran recounts time in service,reminds all meaning of holiday

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Veteran recounts time in service, reminds all meaning of holiday

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EL CENTRO, CA (13 On Your Side) - Frank Boni remembers the day he volunteered to join the U.S. Navy.

"Senior year in high school when I joined the Navy. In May of 1942. I did anti-submarine and convoy duty in the Atlantic."

As an electrician mate, he was in charge of looking for mines under water - and defending the ship against enemy attacks. 

"In Okinawa the only thing I had was one Kamikaze come through. Other than that, you might say I was in harms way a lot. But thank God I didn't get harmed."

After almost 6 years of service, Boni left the Navy and later moved to El Centro to become a fence contractor. 

Today, he holds the 4th of July dear in his heart as he recalls fighting in World War II.

Boni says, this holiday should be remembered for more than fireworks and spectacle - but for those who served our country to bring us freedom.

He says, residents should show their patriotism full-time and remember the true meaning of this day. 

"I'd like to see more people realize what this is. In 9-11 everybody had their flags up. Today, I fly mine 24 hours a day. But you look up and down the street and you see Mickey Mouse flags, but not our flag. 

Today, Boni celebrates the 4th of July by spending time with loved ones. He says he's grateful for his years in this country and hopes the future generation will continue to show their pride for this country.