Attic insulation program available for more homes

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Attic insulation program available for more homes

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EL CENTRO, CA (13 On Your Side) - How would you like to save money on your next electric bill?

Well the Imperial Irrigation District wants you to know about a program called the attic insulation rebate program - that'll help you get more padding installed into your attic.

For those of you with an older home, the goal is to help you save money.

Lee Salazar has been living in his home for 10 years - but doesn't have attic insulation.

"I wish they would pass out fliers. But like many of us, we don't know about this. So many of us don't know about the programs that are available through the IID."

After hearing about the attic insulation rebate program, Salazar says it's something he will look into, to save money during the summer.  

"Who wouldn't want that? Something to benefit their home? Of course."

Maritza Nunez, with the Imperial Irrigation District says, the IID Board changed the requirements to qualify for the rebate program last week.  

Previously, your attic would have to have a value of R-11 to qualify for savings.

"'R' value is the level of heat resistance that passes through the insulation."

This amount is calculated by the material type of your insulation and square inches of your attic.

Nunez says - because of a high demand of customers wanting to participate in the rebate program, the IID Board changed the requirements.  

Now, more homes - those with an insulation of R-19 or less, can qualify and save money on their electric bill.  

"The way attic insulation works is that it provides a resistance to the air flow. So let's say, in the summer months, less hot air will enter your home and therefore it would require your air conditioner to work less – saving the customer more money."

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