Parents file lawsuit against man who made threats


Parents file lawsuit against man who made threats

YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) – Parents of two elementary school students have filed a civil lawsuit against a man accused of threatening to "shoot up a school," after the City Prosecutor's office declined to file criminal charges against him.

The incident reportedly happened back in April, but parents were not made aware of the threat until recently.

It all started back in March when, according to this police report, Robert Purro sent a letter to school officials complaining about students being too loud.

Purro stated in the letter that if the school didn't do anything about it, parents would be, quote: "picking up bloody children."

At the time, Purro lived at his trailer park, directly across the street from AmeriSchool, located on Fourth Avenue between 12th and 13th Street.

The trailer park faces the school's playground. 

According to the Yuma Sun, police did not arrest the 78-year-old because they did not consider him a threat at the time.

Instead, Purro was admitted to a mental health clinic.

Then on April 17th, the same morning he left the clinic, officers were called to Purro's home after someone reported he was screaming at children playing at AmeriSchool across the street.

A witness also told police Purro had previously threatened to shoot up the charter school and was going to quote "save the last bullet for himself."

Purro was then readmitted to the mental clinic.

A few days later, police searched Purro's home and found a sawed off AK-47, which is illegal in Arizona.

That's where the pending charges against him stem from.

After talking to Purro following the search warrant, he told police he had two additional guns.

Police returned to his home and recovered the weapons.

It is unclear at this time if Purro remains hospitalized at the mental health clinic.

But we do know he no longer lives at the trailer park across the street from the school.

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