City to comply with requests to fix internal problems

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City to comply with requests to fix internal problems

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CALEXICO, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) - The City of Calexico is in serious hot water with the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority.

The authority accuses city leaders of failing to fix problems - including in-fighting and claims of sexual harassment among council members.

Former Calexico Mayor Martiza Hurtado is one of the city employees - at the center of the investigation done by the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority.

In May, Hurtado filed complaints accusing other council members of sexual discrimination and harassment and verbal abuse.

"The council has been informed - basically in detail," says Hurtado, "I know I have in detail of the circumstances around the California JPIA's correspondence to us and their visit with us."

Even Hurtado, as a city leader, agrees the city has failed to take action.

The authority has ordered all council members to complete training on preventing discrimination and harassment.

"I agree 100% that complying with the requests of the JPIA need to be followed. There's no way around that whatsoever. Those issues should not exist in a government."

The report also reveals there have been over 240 worker compensation claims filed against the city - totaling $3.6 million.

Hurtado says, the city must devise a performance plan to address low employee performance and morale."I know that our management team, our administration team of the city of Calexico are very concerned. This is a very severe issue for the city of Calexico."