Homeowners upset about communications tower

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Homeowners upset about communications tower

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YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) – The fight is on between some homeowners and the Yuma County Water Users Association.

At issue is a 140-foot cell phone tower that was built without their consent.

13 On Your Side found out this battle may be headed to court.

It all comes down to private property rights versus government authority.

And neither side is willing to budge, at least for now.

Gary Lee and his neighbors tell 13 On Your Side they woke up one morning and saw something they didn't expect to find in their back yard—a 140-foot cell phone tower.

We checked with the City of Yuma, who tells us this type of tower would never get the green light to be built.

But the city doesn't have jurisdiction.

That's because the association put up the tower on the association's right of way. Needless to say, homeowners think the association made a bad call.

The manager of the water users association Tom Davis would not grant us an interview, but he did tell us he thinks the tower is necessary for radio communication to control the canal gates.

But these homeowners don't think his story holds water.

That's why homeowners are demanding the City step in.

They plan on taking their case to the citizens' forum at City Hall on Tuesday.

13 On Your Side will continue to follow this story to provide you with the latest updates.

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