Tenants complain about bed bug infestation in hotel

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Tenants complain about bed bug infestation in hotel

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EL CENTRO, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) - An infestation of bed bugs has some El Centro residents crying out for help.

Tenants at the Mayan Hotel in downtown claim the place is infested with the unwanted critters and the manager is not doing anything about it.

Now, they are calling on city leaders and county health officials to step in.

Juanita Trujillo has been living at the Mayan Hotel since last September with her husband and five kids.  She says the rent is affordable but living with bed bugs has become unbearable.

"There's a bed bug infestation all over the building - upstairs and downstairs. There's roaches..."

Trujillo says she's reported the bed bug problem to management several times but they refuse to take action.

"It's horrible and you would think that the manager would try to do something about but he still has not done anything. What he's doing right now - he's fixing his own place."

13 On Your Side tried to speak with the hotel manager, Jorge Gonzalez, but the property is gated and apparently under lock down.

We were greeted by a person who turned us away. Gonzalez did not return our phone calls.

According to a report obtained by 13 On Your Side - Imperial County Health officials inspected the hotel as far back as 2011.

The report shows there is an "extreme infestation" of bed bugs.

Documents also show a complaint was issued to the county health department in May.

We tried speaking to Environmental Health Department officials to ask what they are doing to hold management accountable but no one was available to talk to us.

Meanwhile Trujillo says she is hoping the city which is currently inspecting the hotel will finally step in and do something about the bed bug infestation.

"Oh my gosh, I just want them to please help us because this is outrageous."

City officials say they have done two inspections so far but have two more to go. They have until October 25th for final inspection results.