Mayan hotel manager speaks out about bed bug infestation

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Mayan hotel manager speaks out about bed bug infestation

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EL CENTRO, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) - The manager of an El Centro hotel - infested with bed bugs - is now speaking out.

This comes weeks after a tenant of the Mayan Hotel voiced her concerns over the lack of response to the unwanted insects.

Jorge Gonzalez has been the manager at the Mayan Hotel for four years. He says, ever since he has moved in, there has always been a bed bug problem.

Gonzalez says since he became manager, he invested in a heat machine to individually treat rooms that have live bed bugs.

"Later on, some of them complain 'hey we have bed bugs.' I go in again with the machine, fix it up - clean it up," says Gonzalez.

But the city conducted an inspection of each room three weeks ago. They found five rooms to have a bed bug infestation. Gonzalez claims he is now being more proactive.

"Now we have Okrin that's coming to us and they're doing an assessment, they check it out. And we take their recommendations and we do whatever they want us to do," says Gonzalez.

He also says in order to kill off the critters, he has been changing mattresses and spraying areas with an oil-based compound solution.

But he says as much as he tries to clear out the infestation, the bed bugs will never go away.

"So if you ask me, 'when are we going to get rid of them?' - the whole United States hasn't been able to get rid of them. I'm doing everything I can so that the place is clean, so that people can live in a clean room and that's all I can do."

13 On Your Side asked Gonzalez if fumigating the entire building was an option. He says if they city requires it, he will comply.

As for the city, it is still preparing a final report from their October inspection.