Small business encourage shoppers on Black Friday

Imperial Valley

Small business encourage shoppers on Black Friday

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EL CENTRO, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) - With Black Friday just around the corner, many major retailers will be offering great deals - but so will small businesses around town.

Local mom and pop shops in Imperial Valley encourage shoppers to spend at their stores because those dollars go back into the community.  

Jeweler Larry Bratton is already preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year - Black Friday.

"Merchandise behind me and all, that'll be up to 70% off, my jewelry is up to 50% off"

 Bratton has owned his shop since the 1970s. He says, during the holidays, he sees a spike in sales. But every year he notices corporate stores offering bigger and better discounts.

"They're after that dollar and they fight hard to get it."

 To compete with the top dogs, Bratton says his store - like many other mom and pop shops in the Valley - offers more than what you can get at the mall.

"I mean, in today's economy you have to take a discount and pass it on. and that's what I do."

Although he doesn't discourage shopping at big retail stores, he says he's likely to see more support for small businesses.

"They forget that an independent merchant is the people that supports the local baseball teams, football teams, We do still – ground on the ground – with all the services that the community needs."