New Mayor And City Council Members Inaugurated

New Mayor And City Council Members Inaugurated

Story By: Tim Lavigne, Meteorologist and Reporter

YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) - The Yuma Theatre was buzzing with residents and supporters eager to see new Mayor Douglas Nicholls and new City Council Members Gary Knight, Gary Wright, and Bill Craft take their oath of office.

Council Member Bill Craft says he's been waiting since he was elected for the day he was sworn in. 

"It feels good, its humbling. I'm not a politician so to se this outpouring and this show of support by everyone along the way, its very humbling. it's a new feeling." Said Craft, after the ceremony had ended.

Council Member Gary Wright says the public's choices in the city elections gave him a good idea of what the people want. 

"The public's voice said we want diversity; we want people with different ideas from all walks of life, willing to connect with people in this community." says Wright, a former teacher.

Council Member Gary Knight says he plans to implement his agenda as soon as the first session begins.

"I plan to look at call to the public, and all the controversy about moving call to the public to the end of the meeting. I personally would have liked to see a first call and a last call and I said that throughout my campaign." Says Knight, who garnered the top vote in the November election.

Mayor Douglas Nicholls says he feels the council he will be working with represents the wide diversity of the Yuma voting public.

"Mixing these 4 new experiences with the experiences of the existing members of council will ultimately prove what kind of cohesiveness we have. We will work to build that continually, and we will look at decisions that affect the public in more ways than just business, but also what makes sense." says Nicholls. Nicholls defeated former City Council Member Raul Mendoza during the Yuma primary election in August.

No matter they're opinions - these 4 men all agree on one thing: The oath they have sworn to the City of Yuma. The first council session with the new members and Mayor will take place on Wednesday, January 8th.