First discounted store expected to help city grow

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First discounted store expected to help city grow

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HOLTVILLE, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) - Dollar stores. You see them on almost every corner around town. But one particular dollar store has residents and the city of Holtville already counting dollars cents.

The Family Dollar just opened its doors in Holtville and resident Vivian Silva says it's going to make her life a lot easier.

"I was like 'Oh my gosh I'm so excited.'" Silva says the opening of the new dollar store in Holtville will save her from driving to El Centro, a 20 minute drive every other day to buy groceries priced at a discounted rate.

"I'm saving on gas and it's time too. And I live here - like three blocks away so I can just come and go."

Silva says the discounted store will help her save about six dollars a week. Her four kids go through two gallons of milk every two days.

"Its about time we get a store like this because the other ones are pretty pricey."

But Silva is not the only one excited about the opening of the new dollar store. City Council member Jim Predmore says the store also promises to bring new dollars into the community - along with 12 new full-time jobs.

"Giving the citizens of Holtville an opportunity to shop locally, get the items that they need without having to drive to El Centro or other cities to supply their needs."

Predmore says this one store alone is expected to generate $1,500,000 in sales tax revenue for the city - money that will also help revitalize its overall image.

"By taking care of our streets, our sidewalks, and even in our parks - making our parks better for the children," says Predmore.

This is the first corporate store to open in Holtville. City officials say they hope it will attract others of its kind in order to help the city grow.