Flu cases on the rise


Flu cases on the rise

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YUMA, AZ (13 On Your Side) - The California Health Department is reporting 45 people have died from the flu bug. One of those deadly flu cases now involves a resident from Imperial Valley.

According to Yuma County health officials, no one has died from the flu in this area. However, health officials say the number of flu cases are on the rise. Therefore, they want you to start taking every precaution possible to keep the potential deadly virus from spreading. 

"It's transmitted by the droplets when you cough or sneeze."

Ryan Thueson, a physician assistant for Primecare Clinic in Yuma says he cannot confirm any one has died from the flu in the county, but he can say - as a matter of fact - the number of flu cases are on the rise. 

"It's important when you are coughing or sneezing you are covering your mouth."

While the potentially deadly fly bug is most harmful to children and the elderly, in California a 23-year-old died from the flu bug, including a person under 65 who died in Imperial Valley just this past weekend. 

Again, Yuma County has not reported any deaths from the flu. But Thueson says there are several strains of the virus spreading this year that is putting everyone at risk. 

"Viruses and bacteria are constantly changing and adapting to the medications we use."

While Arizona sees most of its flu cases in February and March, 18 new cases confirmed by the Arizona Department of Health Services in the last couple of weeks, shows the flu is unpredictable and can speak much earlier. 
"It really depends from patient to patient when we are going to refer off to the hospital or if we think we can treat you with over the counter, antiviral."

Still, Thueson says the best care is take simple precautions and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

"Wash your hands frequently, washing your desks at work or work surfaces."

Doctors recommend you get your flu shot if you have not done so already. For locations on where you can get the flu shot, you can visit http://www.azdhs.gov/flu/vaccine.htm