Yuma Residents Speak About What They Want To Hear From State Of

Yuma Residents Speak About What They Want To Hear From State Of The Union

Story By: Tim Lavigne, Meteorologist and Reporter

YUMA, Ariz. (13 On Your Side) - As the State Of The Union address draws closer, a recent survey shows 65% of Americans believe that the gap between the upper and lower class. People in Yuma agree with the survey, but are divided on how they want the president to solve it. Some don't believe the President can say anything on Tuesday that will fix the problem.

18 year old college student Jayden Good says "Hope he addresses opening up more jobs for everyone. its a common problem." Good thinks that a presidential focus on job creation at the State Of The Union will spur suffering economies across the country.

37 year old Aurelia Duarte also agrees the upper class is distancing itself from the lower class financially, But he has a different take on what the President's message should focus on.

"I feel that education should come first, because we have a lot of jobs here that are unfilled because we don't have the skillset." Says Duart.

Roman Leao says the gap has been growing since before the Obama administration. He says everything is just words if Congress doesn't stand behind what the President says.

"It's just words, you know how politicians are. if no one steps up to help push reforms, they'll never happen." says Leao.

The State of the Union address will happen Tuesday at 7:00 pm Mountain Time and 6:00pm Pacific Time.