Officials release identity of man who was shot and killed

Imperial Valley

Officials release identity of man who was shot and killed

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EL CENTRO, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) - Police are willing to confirm that five members of the narcotics task force engaged an armed suspect who was fatally shot and died at the scene of a shooting in El Centro last night. 

However, an eye witness tells 13 On Your Side - the suspect was still in the back seat of a taxi when the officers opened fire.


"Oi un rechino de un carro y fue cuando salí para afuera."

Guadalupe - preferred not to share her last name - but says she was in the kitchen when she heard loud tires screeching. 

"Y cuando salí, vi un taxi pero ya estaban ellos apuntando al muchacho que venía atras en el taxi," she says - when she walked outside she saw officers already pointing their guns at a man who was riding in the back seat of a taxi.

"Eran bastante balasos." Guadalupe says, she saw the officers shooting - several times. 

according to el Centro police logs - shots were fired at around 5:45 last night on 500th block of Woodward avenue. 

Again, police say five members of the Imperial County Narcotics Task Force opened fire on an armed suspect. 

The Imperial County Coroner's office confirms suspect was 36-year-old Mark Ayala of El Centro.

According to a law enforcement source, Ayala was a wanted ex-parolee who violated his probation. 

But El Centro Police could not confirm why Ayala was shot or if he was firing back. 

"again, the details of the investigation are still under investigation right now, but no officers were not injured," says Sgt. Alvaro Ramirez with ECPD.  

This is a story that leaves many un-answered questions. We'll continue to follow up with new leads, as they become available.