69th Annual Silver Spur Rodeo kicks off with parade, brings trad


69th Annual Silver Spur Rodeo kicks off with parade, brings traditions

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YUMA, AZ (13 On Your Side) - The Silver Spur Rodeo in Yuma, entering its 69th year, has residents getting ready to "cowboy up" for one week out of the year.

But,  the rich tradition of the nearly 70 year old event is a key piece of Yuma's history.


Yuma has always been a community deeply rooted by tradition - and people tell me the silver spur rodeo is one of those many traditions that people look forward to each year.

Not just for the exciting barrel racing and bull riding, but for the chance to relive the rich history of Yuma.

The silver spur rodeo is only a week away, and already people are starting to "cowboy up".
The tradition of rodeo originated from the old farm chores of roping herding, and horse taming also known as breaking.

The sport as we know it evolved directly from those farm chores, and is still very popular in the desert southwest. 

Bob Hartman hasn't missed the silver spur rodeo in 12 years. He says watching the rodeo takes him back to his younger days. "I used to ride bareback horses and saddlebroncs."
With the silver spur rodeo entering its 69th year, all the fun of roping, riding, wrangling, and racing will be in full swing - not to mention the rodeo clowns. 

 But Hartman says sometimes the show that cowboys and cowgirls put on for the crowd comes with a price. "It's fun but you get hurt a lot. Its a tough sport."

He says though rodeos have changed over the years, the one thing that never changes - is the tradition. "It's a good thing they have it's a good thing they got it."

The silver spur rodeo is slated to kick off next Friday at the Yuma fair grounds. There's still plenty of time to get your tickets! Click here: www.yumarodeo.com