Restaurant chain's parent company says shut down was business de


Restaurant chain's parent company says shut down was business decision

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YUMA, AZ. (13 On Your Side) - It's been one day since Outback Steakhouse shut down unexpectedly leaving about 55 workers without a job.

 Employees found out after they showed up to work and found this sign plastered on the front door.
     Today, the big chain restaurant took down its bigger signs - leaving no trace behind. 
     Even the restaurant's official website has deleted "Yuma" as a location for customers to visit. 
     13 On Your Side wanted to know why the restaurant - that always seemed so busy - would suddenly shut down.
     We called Outback's parent company - Bloomin' Brands, Incorporated - to get answers. 
    But a company spokesperson declined a phone interview. Instead, she e-mailed us the following statement: 
"Closing a restaurant is never easy. This decision was made based solely on business circumstances and has no reflection on the employees." 
    So we went online to see if the status of Bloomin Brands' stocks had anything to do with the "business decision" - but their shares are up by more than three points.
     Still - there was no clear answer as to why the company decided to shut down its Yuma restaurant. 
     Employees tell 13 On Your Side it came as a complete surprise to them as well. 
     "They just told me that to come pick up my check the restaurant is closed down and I thought it was just a joke but they were being serious it's actually closed down.. Now I don't have a paycheck at all so I gotta go find a job as soon as possible because then I won't have no money at all," says Raul Ortega.