Transit director responds to bus rider concerns


Transit director responds to bus rider concerns

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YUMA, AZ (13 On Your Side) - Yesterday, 13 On Your Side spoke with 72-year-old Robert Perez, who uses public transportation and isn't happy with the service he's getting.

He says, "you have to wait in the sun and stand."

Today, we met up with Yuma County Area Transit director, John Andoh, to bring up Perez' concerns. 

Andoh says, "we are finalizing bus stop standards in partnership with the city of Yuma and Yuma County so that we have one standard appropriate for the placement of bus stop and bus stop amenities throughout the YCAT service area."

Andoh adds, once those standards are approved, they'll be able to work with the city and the county to install more bus shelters and benches.

We asked Andoh why most bus stops don't have shelters or benches.  
"They're really readership demand," he says, "we want to put shelters and benches at stops that have at least passenger demand that exceeds 25 passengers a day or greater."

Another issue Perez had about YCAT's service was how long it takes to get from point  "A" to "B."
"You have to wait and then wait for the bus at the other end and it takes about an hour each way," says Perez.     
We asked Andoh what needs to be done to make sure buses are on time. 
"We break the routes into segments. We look at ridership on each segment. And if that ridership is not performing at a particular segment, we take the segment off of the route which in essence gives them more running time to re-apply back into the schedule."