Migrants to be flown to Yuma and bussed to El Centro

Migrants to be flown to Yuma and bussed to El Centro

(KSWT-TV 13OYS) -- A Border Patrol spokesperson told 13 On Your Side about 140 migrant adults and children will start arriving in El Centro on Wednesday. 

The migrants will first be flown to Yuma and then bussed to El Centro where they will be processed at the border patrol station. The migrants, including children, are then expected to be housed in the ICE Detention facility.   

The federal government began sending the influx of migrants to different facilities to temporarily house them and to alleviate pressure from overcrowding. 

Children mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have been illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border alone by the thousands, mainly in the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas. Since October 2013, an estimated 52,000 children have been caught, almost double last year's total.

President Obama calls the surge a "humanitarian crisis."

Today, the President requested $2 billion in emergency funding from Congress to help respond to the crossings, and to seek "fast track" authority for the Department of Homeland Security to more quickly screen and deport children crossing the border illegally.

Migrant adults and children are also expected to be flown to San Diego and then bussed to Murrieta starting on Tuesday.