American Hero Book Fair

American Hero Book Fair

Saturday was International Literacy Day, and to kick it off, Barnes and Noble hosted the American Hero Book Fair.  In this community, lots of kids look up to our troops and local law enforcement, and today they learned how they can become heros themselves by picking up a book.

"They gave me this so I can decorate it however I want so I'm going to put on some ribbons and maybe some stars," said Elmer.  He's a fourth grader who was found along with the other children making pictures of the American flag.

"What we're doing is to help children understand that to be a hero, a policeman, fireman, or border patrol agent, you have to be literate.  You have to be able to read.  You have to be able to write," said Barbara Sutton with the Yuma Reading Council.  She said the children had a blast meeting heros in their own community.  Elmer, however, says he knows heros right in his own family.

"My step-dad he knows a lot about military stuff, and he teaches me kind of, and lots of my cousins are in it," said Elmer.  He wants to be just like them some day, and he'll start living that dream when he cracks open his new book. 

The kids also got to meet some Marines, Border Patrol agents, and firefighters, and they also walked away with a free book.

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