DBS Waivers

DBS Waivers

Important Information about Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Waivers

Due to changes in Federal law, KSWT-TV and KSWT 13.2 Sports Channel do not accept waiver requests which are sent directly to us. Waiver requests must be made through your satellite programming provider.

The Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act

It is illegal for satellite companies to sell network services to households that can receive local broadcasters' free over-the-air signal from a rooftop antenna. Most locations in KSWT's viewing area have little difficulty receiving our local over-the-air signal and are not eligible to receive a distant signal. Those subscribers who cannot receive an over-the-air signal from a rooftop antenna may ask their satellite service provider to request a waiver on their behalf allowing them, if granted, to receive a distant network signal via their satellite dish.

In late 2004, Congress passed revised legislation governing the transmission of both local and distant network broadcast stations over satellite systems. This new legislation is called the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act ("SHVIA"). Among other things, SHVIA changed the waiver request process. Subscribers should now request a waiver by communicating directly with their satellite company. The satellite company will forward requests they feel have merit to the local affiliates for consideration. Local stations are required to respond to requests they receive from satellite companies within 30 days. In many cases, the satellite companies can forward requests electronically to local affiliates, which speeds up processing. KSWT will only consider requests received directly from satellite companies. To contact your satellite company concerning a waiver requests, use the contact information at the end of this page.

Many affiliates, including KSWT and the satellite companies have access to sophisticated computer modeling software, which is utilized when considering waiver requests. It takes into account the coverage of our television signal, a viewer's location, and interference factors such as terrain. The computer model tells us, with a fairly high degree of accuracy, what signal strength a particular location should be receiving.

Signal strength at or above that level is considered to be a viewable TV signal. Many waiver requests we receive are from viewers who receive a signal from KSWT that is well above the minimum considered by FCC laws to be a viewable signal and are therefore denied.

Receiving Local Channels via a Satellite Dish

EchoStar's Dish network offers local channels in our viewing area.  EchoStar's local channel lineup currently includes CBS Affiliate KSWT-TV  13.1.  KSWT is currently working on an agreement with DirecTV, Time Warner, and Dish Network to begin carrying our new Sports Channel on KSWT 13.2.  We are awaiting their addition of this service for our viewers.   For more information on the status of local channel service on DirecTV, Dish Network or Time Warner please contact them directly. For contact information click here: http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/kswt/SportsRequest.pdf

Denied Waiver Requests

If your satellite provider informed you that your waiver request was denied it's because the information available to us indicates that your location receives a Grade B or better signal and you should have little difficulty receiving our signal from a properly installed roof top antenna.

Receiving KSWT's signal via Antenna

We sometimes hear from viewers that "My homeowners association doesn't allow me to put an antenna on my house."  If such regulations exist, they are most pre-empted by federal law.  The Federal Communications Commission requires cities and homeowners associations to allow homeowners and tenants to install commercially available analog and digital television antennas on their homes. Additional information, including how to file a complaint against an HOA or other governing body you think is violating the antenna rules, can be found at: www.fcc.gov/mb/facts/otard.html.

While KSWT's main office and studios are located in Yuma, and our secondary studios are located in El Centro, our transmission tower is centrally located on Black mountain 24 miles NW of Winterhaven, California Click on the link for the Antennae location Map of Black Mountain.

We are seen on local cable systems on channel 13 and on Dish Network on Channel13.  All of the major broadcast stations in the Yuma-El Centro TV market broadcast from Black Mountain. 

For optimum off-air reception of KSWT-TV be sure that your antenna is in good repair. Over time the ability of an antenna or satellite dish to receive a decent signal may be diminished due to prolonged exposure to the elements. If your signal is less than ideal, be sure to inspect your antenna for damage (IE: rust, broken elements). Other tips include making sure your antenna is securely mounted and oriented toward Black Mountain, that you're using properly shielded coaxial cable and that ALL cable connections are tight to minimize "ghosting". Most newer satellite dish receivers seamlessly integrate both satellite signals and local over-the-air signals from a roof top antenna. Viewers can switch back and forth between satellite and broadcast by simply pressing a button on their remote control.

 Digital TV is now available over-the-air  

If you have a digital tuner in your television, or a digital set top box you have access to digital TV signals from KSWT 13.1 and KSWT 13.2 The Sports Channel (CBS and USN). 

All TV sets sold in the US must come equipped with an ATSC (digital) tuner.  On February 19, 2009, U.S. broadcasters will cease transmitting analog signals and all TV will be digital.  The government will reclaim the spectrum used for analog TV, auction some of it off and use some of it for public safety services.  If you consider buying a new television set, please be aware that it won't work with over the air broadcasts after February 19, 2009 unless you purchase a special DTV conversion box.  Beware of analog sets sold at "fire sale" prices! We suggest that you only purchase "ATSC" ready television sets if you intend to receive over-the-air television signals.  There is little price difference between analog and digital TV sets now. 

Additional Information

Further information regarding the legislation that governs waiver requests is available on the FCC's web site. Information about using an antenna to receive local affiliate channels, as well as, complete program listings for analog and digital broadcast television, satellite television, and cable television can be found on-line at TitanTV.com . We hope this information is helpful.

Contact Information

Dish Network Customer Service
P.O. Box 33577
Northglen, Colorado 80233
1-800-333-DISH (1-800-333-3474)

DirectTV Customer Service
P.O. BOX 92600
Los Angeles, CA 90009
1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288)

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